Extension Physical Execution Planner

This section describes how to add an extension physical execution planner in openLooKeng. With the extension physical execution planner, openLooKeng can utilize other operator acceleration libraries to speed up the execution of SQL statements.


First, you should get the below jar package and c++ libraries from links:

  • boostkit-omniop-openlookeng-1.6.1-1.0.0-aarch64.jar: Link

  • libboostkit-omniop-xx-1.0.0-aarch.so: Link

Then, to enable extension physical execution feature, the following configs must be added in config.properties


The above attributes are described below:

  • extension_execution_planner_enabled: Enable extension physical execution feature.
  • extension_execution_planner_jar_path: Set the file path of the extension physical execution jar package.
  • extension_execution_planner_class_path: Set the package path of extension physical execution generated class in jar。


The below command can control the enablement of extension physical execution feature in WebUI or Cli while running openLooKeng:

set session extension_execution_planner_enabled=true/false