External Function Registration and Push Down


The connector can register external function into openLooKeng. In Jdbc connector, openLooKeng can push them down to data source which support to execute those functions.

Function Registration in Connector

The connector can register external function into openLooKeng.

The user can find the example code about how to register external function through connector in presto-mysql/src/main/java/io.prestosql/plugin/mysql/. It is an example implement in mysql connector. There are two steps to register external functions through a connector.

  1. Developer need to extend the interface ‘ExternalFunctionHub’ and implement the related method:
public interface ExternalFunctionHub
    Set<ExternalFunctionInfo> getExternalFunctions();

    RoutineCharacteristics.Language getExternalFunctionLanguage();

    CatalogSchemaName getExternalFunctionCatalogSchemaName();

The getExternalFunctions method return the external function set. About how to implement it, we supply example code in the MysqlExternalFunctionHub.java. In this example, about implementation of ExternalFunctionHub#getExternalFunctions, we build ExternalFunctionInfo static instances and register them to return set. Of course, you can build you code to load the set of ExternalFunctionInfo instances, for example, load an external file and serialize it to ExternalFunctionInfo instances. In this example, we only supply a general-purpose framework.

Only the following types which define in the io.prestosql.spi.type.StandardTypes are supported to declared in external functions.

Supported type
  1. After you implement the ExternalFunctionHub interface, you only need to register ExternalFunctionHub instance into the Connector. You can find example code in MySqlClientModule.java and MysqlJdbcClient.java.

Configuration of External Function Namespace

After you finish the registration code, you must config a property named connector.externalfunction.namespace in the connector’s catalog property file. It loads the catalog.schema for the external functions the connector register to the function namespace manager. For example, you can set the property in the etc/catalog/mysql.properties as following:


External Function Push Down

After the external functions register to the function namespace manager, Jdbc Connector can push external function down to the data source, and take result back. Before we build the code to support external function push down in the Jdbc connector, we must first support Query Push Down. This feature can easily implement by extends the class in the package presto-base-jdbc/src/main/java/io.prestosql/plugin/jdbc/optimization. Now openLooKeng support Query Push Down in the datacenter、hana、oracle、mysql and greenplum connector.

Base on the Query Push Down, we need 3 steps to support external function push down in a Jdbc Connector.

  1. Extends the ApplyRemoteFunctionPushDown.java Firstly, you need to implement the method ApplyRemoteFunctionPushDown#rewriteRemoteFunction in ApplyRemoteFunctionPushDown.java. This method rewrites the external function register in openLookeng to a SQL string written in the SQL format of the data source. You can refer to the example implementation in presto-mysql/src/main/java/io.prestosql/plugin/mysql/optimization/function/MySqlApplyRemoteFunctionPushDown.java.

  2. Extends BaseJdbcRowExpressionConverter.java You should override the method BaseJdbcRowExpressionConverter#visitCall in the presto-base-jdbc/src/main/java/io.prestosql/plugin/jdbc/optimization/BaseJdbcRowExpressionConverter.java. You need to identify the external function in this method and call the ApplyRemoteFunctionPushDown#rewriteRemoteFunction override in the step one to rewrite the external function register in openLookeng to a SQL string written in the SQL format of the data source. You can refer to an example code in the presto-mysql/src/main/java/io.prestosql/plugin/mysql/optimization/MySqlRowExpressionConverter.java.

  3. Configuration of external function namespace the connector support After steps 1 and 2, you need to config the catalog.schema the connector support to push down in the connector catalog property file. For example, in the file etc/catalog/mysql.properties should contain the content following:


A connector instance can declare that it support push down external functions which come from multiple function namespaces:

#declare that connector can support to push down external function register in mysqlfun1.default, mysqlfun2.default and mysqlfun3.default.

Now you can write SQL which contain external functions to run in openLooKeng. For example:

select mysqlfun.default.format(col1, 2) from double_table;

The external function mysqlfun.default.format presents in the SQL will be rewritten into a suitable SQL grammar and push down to the data source, for example:

SELECT format(col1,2)  FROM double_table