The word LooKeng in openLooKeng is taken from the English name of Loo-keng Hua, a famous Chinese mathematician. LooKeng also sound similar to the word “Looking”, which means querying and analyzing various data, make big data easier.

openLooKeng is a drop in engine which enables in-situ analytics on any data, anywhere, including geographically remote data sources. It provides a global view of all of your data via its SQL 2003 interface. With high availability, auto-scaling, built-in caching and indexing support, openLooKeng is ready for enterprise workload with required reliability.

The goal of openLooKeng is to support data exploration, ad hoc queries, and batch processing with near real time latency ranging from 100+ms to minutes, without moving your data around. openLooKeng also supports hierarchical deployment enabling geographically remote openLooKeng clusters to participate in the same query. With its cross region query plan optimization capability, queries involving remote data can achieve close to “local” performance.