INSERT OVERWRITE [TABLE] table_name [ ( column [, ... ] ) ] query


Insert overwrite basically do two things: 1) drop the data rows according to the dataset created by the query. 2) insert the new data created by query.

Insert overwrite can work on both partition and non-partition table, but the behaviors are different:

  • If the table is non-partition table, the existing data will be all deleted directly, and then insert the new data.
  • If the table is partitioned table, only the matched partition data which existing in the dataset result from query will be dropped and replaced with the new data.

If the list of column names is specified, they must exactly match the list of columns produced by the query. Each column in the table not present in the column list will be filled with a null value. Otherwise, if the list of columns is not specified, the columns produced by the query must exactly match the columns in the table being inserted into.


Assume orders is not a partitioned table, and have 100 rows, then execute below insert overwrite statement:

INSERT OVERWRITE orders VALUES (1, 'SUCCESS', '10.25', DATA '2020-01-01');

Then the orders table will only have 1 row that is the data specified in the VALUE clause.

Assume users has 3 columns: (id, name, state) and partitioned by state, and the existing data has follow rows:

id name state 1 John CD 2 Sam CD 3 Lucy SZ

Then execute below insert overwrite statement:

INSERT OVERWRITE orders VALUES (4, 'Newman', 'CD');

This will overwrite the data with partition value state='CD', but wont impact the data state='SZ'. So the result will be

id name state 3 Lucy SZ 4 Newman CD


Right now only Hive Connector support insert overwrite.

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